The Premier League wants vaccination successes: if the quota increases, there will be flexibility for professionals

The Premier League will prevail
If the quota increases, there will be flexibility for professionals

In the Premier League more professionals will be vaccinated, then there will also be relief for footballers. This is announced by the largest soccer league in the world. One in five professionals is not yet fully vaccinated. If nothing changes, the restrictions for the protagonists remain in effect.

The English Premier League only wants to relax its crown rules for footballers and clubs when 85 percent of players are fully vaccinated. British news agency PA reported, citing league information for the club’s doctors. As announced by the Premier League last week, 68 percent of players have received the two vaccines necessary for complete protection, 81 percent have been vaccinated once. This roughly corresponds to the numbers in the 18-39 age group in Great Britain. However, the league still lags far behind the UK national average, where of those 12 and over, 86 per cent received the first dose and 78.9 per cent received both doses.

The league does not want to determine the exact future distance and hygiene rules until the development of new infections during the winter is known. The measures have been in effect for 18 months. The Premier League generally reports weekly crown infections among players and coaches in the single digits.

The willingness of professional footballers to get vaccinated is not as big an issue in England today as it is in Germany, where national player Joshua Kimmich is being debated. However, several England internationals had recently refused to release their vaccination status, fueling rumors that they would not be vaccinated. Irish international Callum Robinson of the West Bromwich Albion second division chose not to be vaccinated, although he has been infected twice with the virus.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said he doesn’t understand why players don’t want to get vaccinated. He said 99 percent of Liverpool players are vaccinated and he doesn’t need to convince anyone to get vaccinated. After Chelsea’s N’Golo Kante tested positive for the virus, Chelsea’s German coach Thomas Tuchel said he would continue to treat his players as “adults” and not force them to get vaccinated.

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