The number of climbers arrested has doubled compared to last year

In Vlaardingen they even see a doubling in the number of illegal aliens compared to last year. So far, 470 suspects have been arrested there, compared to 227 last year. Stena Line at Hoek van Holland (206 arrests) and Europoort (122) also see an increase: last year there were 238 people in total, up from 328 so far in 2021.

By the way, the number of migrants arrested this year can be compared to the previous years 2018 and 2019. Stena Lina even had 500 climbers in 2019. The Europoort terminal now seems more popular with fortune seekers.

Often these are small groups of young men, who hang out in and around the terminals and seize their chance at an unguarded moment. They climb under trucks and try to get caught in the vehicle’s wheel axles. Sometimes called axle beams, these immigrants seeking a better life in the UK in this way.

Occasionally it is larger groups, sometimes entire families. For example, twenty immigrants were found at DFDS Seaways during a routine check Tuesday night. One of the sniffer dogs hit a trailer in the middle of the site on the Vulcaanweg. After opening, forty pairs of eyes looked at the security guard.

Among them some children, young men and women. The youngest climber was 4 years old, the oldest 83 years old. It is not often that these young strangers try to get on the ferry in this way. This usually affects people in their twenties and thirties who believe that it is easier for them to get a job in the UK. They also often follow relatives who already live in England.

October and November were particularly busy months, presumably because it gets dark faster and the nights are longer. Not only Albanians and Afghans tried it, Moroccans and Algerians also think that the United Kingdom is the promised land.

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human traffickers

Sometimes truckers are involved in illegal crossing. They are paid for by human traffickers, who make climbers pay thousands of euros for the journey. But more often drivers do not know anything. For example, carriers complain about the damage they suffer, because the fabrics are damaged and the contents of the trailer can break. This damage is often not insured.

The police, together with Marechaussee and customs, carry out regular checks in and around the ferry terminals to discourage escalation. They use dogs that rely on human scents. Anyone caught will be handed over to the port police and sent back to their country of origin. It doesn’t prevent most climbers from trying again later.

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