The Lancet in trouble for bodies with vaginas

The editors of the medical-scientific journal proudly tweeted Lancet Friday last week the cover of his new song. Topics covered: WHO guidelines on air quality, low back pain and menstrual embarrassment. That last story was introduced with a quote from the piece: “Historically, the anatomy and physiology of bodies with vaginas have been neglected.”

The tweet was flooded with outrage from women who did not appreciate the fact that the word “woman” had been changed to “body with vagina” in this sentence. Isn’t a woman more than that: a body with a reproductive system? And why was there elsewhere Lancet Are you referring to the man and his prostate, and not to “a body with a prostate”? Why were women erased, who had to fight for emancipation for so long?

Sparked ideas

Added to this were the objections of people who clamored for what they see as a further advancement of the woke up– thoughts. You can’t even call women women anymore because that might offend trans men? It didn’t stop with angry tweets: some scientists canceled their subscription or cooperation with the journal.

That’s how it went Lancet It ended in an argument that is particularly heated in the UK. What does the word ‘woman’ mean and who is entitled to it? Harry Potter writer JK Rowling can speak for the heaviness of this speech. When she expressed her doubts about the advisability of allowing trans women Only womenspaces, became the target of a mountain of criticism, which at times was particularly hateful and even resulted in death threats. She would be transphobic and her words would endanger the lives of trans people.

Politicians are also grappling with the issue. Labor leader Keir Starmer was asked at his party congress this week if he thought the phrase “only women have a cervix” was transphobic. He considered that “this should not be said. Is not correct.”


On Tuesday, Richard Horton, editor-in-chief of Lancet in all the fuss. He “understood the intense feelings” that the cover had evoked. “We have created the impression that we have marginalized and dehumanized women. (…) I apologize to our readers who were hurt by the quote. “

But then she continues: “At the same time, I want to emphasize that transgender health is an important part of modern health care, but it is neglected. Trans people regularly face stigma, discrimination, exclusion and poor health, and they often find it difficult to get good health care. “The piece was intended as empowerment for women, along with “non-binary, trans and intersex people who have experienced menstruation.”

A look at the 2,000+ comments on this tweet. learn that this I’m sorry, I’m not sorryThe answer has yet to calm the mood.

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