The French Valvena vaccine would be as effective as AstraZeneca and with fewer side effects

One month after the surprise completion of an order for 100 million doses from the British government, the Franco-Austrian laboratory Valvena you can finally rejoice at the good news. Based on the initial results of its phase 3 trial, the results are “excellent,” according to Thomas Lingelbach, CEO of Valneva. The trial, conducted in the UK with 4,012 participants over 18 years of age, compared their vaccine To that ofAstraZeneca (the usual procedure now that most people are vaccinated). Result: the vaccine not only produces a level ofantibody neutralizers superior to the AstraZeneca vaccine and a similar seroconversion, but also has a better safety profile, that is, it generates fewer side effects.

The vaccine uses the classic technology of virus inactivated integer, like those of the flu, the poliomyelitis wave whooping cough. According to Valvena, this type of vaccine offers a immune response extended to possible variants, making it an attractive candidate for a booster dose or a vaccination routine. Also, unlike vaccines with MRNA, can be stored in a fridge classic (between 2 and 8 ° C). Production of the vaccine has already started, but Valvena has not yet obtained approval from the authorities. A case is underway with the British Health Agency (MHRA), which could open the doors European approval. Valvena awaits approval in the first quarter of 2022.

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