The four-day week as an opportunity for companies and employees

The reason for this is very simple, says Frey: the introduction of the four-day week was always a lengthy process with companies preparing for at least three months. The companies then used the time to think carefully about what new technologies they could invest in to save working time. “But much more importantly, ideally, bosses sat down with the workforce and looked at where man hours could be saved,” Frey explains, “and one of the results is that a lot of meetings have been cancelled. in almost all companies.

Old workflows are revised

the Therefore, a four-day week can also be an opportunity to review and redesign established processes. What to consider when switching from a five-day to a four-day week Christine Johannes from the University of Erfurt. “It is important that management fully supports the process, especially when it comes to customers who may have to wait longer for things or jobs that could have been done faster before,” Johannes explains in a conversation with MDR SACHSEN-ANHALT.

It is important that management is fully behind the process,…

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University of Erfurt

In any case, it is important how the conversion is organized in a specific individual case, clarifies Johannes. “The risk is always that the same job is packaged in less time.” So the additional regeneration time is still not enough. Another problem: Many employers would also expect gratitude for the introduction of the four-day week. “That can get people more involved in the short term because they think, ‘Oh, he gave me a day off,’ now I have to do even more,” Johannes explains. “But that’s only for a limited time.”

Start at DRK Sangerhausen at the beginning of 2024?

For DRK boss Claus, it is clear that the change is not a surefire success. According to him, work has been going on in Sangerhausen for five years to design the work processes in such a way that the introduction is successful. Negotiations with the unions are scheduled to begin in February. If all goes well, Claus wants to start the four-day week at the beginning of 2024.

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