The first launch into space from the UK failed last night

It was going to be a glory hour in the UK. Tonight the first orbital launch from British soil took place. Unfortunately, the flight ended in failure following a anomalyanomaly from the second floor of the rocketrocketbefore orbitorbit of the nine small passenger satellites.

the rocket launcherrocket launcher called pitcher one, from the American company Virgin Orbit, founded by British billionaire Sir Richard Brandson. It’s a special little rocket, because it doesn’t take off directly from the ground. It is first transported in the melodiesmelodies under the wing of a modified Boeing 747 before being scrapped. Only then does it start. This process has been around for decades in the United States. This is the first time it has been used in the UK.

But the rocket is not everything in an orbital flight! The entire launch campaign, with the integration of the satellites under the launcher fairing, was carried out from the new Cornish commercial spaceport in England, which was installed in newquay airport, in Cornwall. British politicians have deployed a large number ofEnergyEnergy because it is the first time that we have carried out an orbital launch from its soil, a guarantee of independent access to space. As such, two commercial spaceports with conventional launch pads are in buildingbuilding in Scotland and in the Shetland Islands.

Historical reminder: the UK had already carried out some flights in the 1960s with the Black Arrow rocket, but the flights had been taking place since the 1960s. DesertDesert Australian.

LauncherOne mission failed from Spaceport Cornwall. ©Virgin Orbit

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