The feared data protection in autonomous driving

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September 15, 2021

By Regine Boensch

A new study shows that the majority of respondents in the EU think that autonomous vehicles are safe and sustainable. However, they fear that the massive deployment of autonomous vehicles could lead to data protection breaches.

Autonomous driving creates mountains of data. EU citizens fear for data protection.

Autonomous and networked vehicles are now so developed that there isn’t much that stands in the way of their widespread use on the road, at least from a technical point of view. The public acceptance of this type of car in the population is not so clear. EU citizens from Germany, Italy, France and Great Britain largely consider the vehicles to be safe and sustainable. However, they are concerned that they will not meet your data security expectations.

This is the result of a new study that was carried out at the Chair for Consumer Psychology and Economic Psychology at the University of Mannheim as part of the joint EU project “PAsCal”. This examines networked and autonomous driving with a special focus on acceptance in society.

Expected positive environmental effects of autonomous driving

The team led by Tobias Vogel, Florian Kutzner and Celina Kacperski asked 600 test subjects from four European countries about their assessment of four factors: the efficiency of autonomous vehicles, their sustainability, driving safety and protection compliance. of data.

The result: Most agree that automating the car will increase safety on the roads and have a positive impact on the environment. Opinions differ as to whether these vehicles also influence the efficiency of road traffic. This means, among other things, travel time, travel speed and speed of vehicles.

Different attitudes in the countries

On the other hand, study participants tended to rate the impact on privacy negatively. They doubt the correct use of the data generated while traveling and also see the danger of surveillance, especially by companies and governments.

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