The best sites that offer virtual reality experiences

With the development of the metaverse desired by Mark Zuckerberg, the head of Facebook, the boundaries between the real and virtual world will be reduced. Some sites already offer experiences on the border between the two. Small selection of these sites that should now inspire you.

We will have to get used to it, virtual reality or augmented reality experiences will now take an increasingly important place in our societies, especially when the metaverse arrives. Employment, leisure, commerce … There is something for all tastes. Whether they provide you with the best current information or offer you innovative experiences, these sites give you a glimpse of your future …

Mozilla Hubs: A Social Virtual Reality Experience

We are still a long way from the Oasis seen in Ready Player One. However, also allows you to see progress with the deceased Second Life. the Mozilla hubs allows you to offer a real social experience in virtual reality. A sample of what the metaverse would look like? We still expect the visual to be superior. After creating a robotic avatar, you can talk, paint, watch videos, or move around. Everything happens directly in your browser.

Little Workshop Showroom: for testing furniture at home

The best virtual reality sites: showroom

French company Little Workshop offers a particularly successful virtual reality experience with son’s showroom. The idea? Show you, in a virtual showroom, what the future furniture of your home could look like.. The result is particularly immersive and successful from a 3D point of view. Find out if this sofa or coffee table would go well in your home. Now we dream of seeing all the furniture sites that offer the same thing.

The Crypt: a museum-like site 2.0 in virtual reality

The best virtual reality sites: museum

Virtual reality will also have an impact on the cultural sector and, in particular, on museums. This is an advance that the site gives us The crypt, founded in the UK. You can easily walk, discover the latest exhibitions. If the result is still too visually limited to expect to see the Mona Lisa, we appreciate the immersive dimension and speed of handling.

A virtual reality site that immerses us in the Cloud

Best Virtual Reality Sites: Cloud

“Cloud”. In the age of the digital world, it is a word that we hear repeatedly. Sometimes it is difficult to really know what it is, especially for those who are not necessarily experts in new technologies. ” We live in the cloud », An experiment offered by Microsoft allows you to immerse yourself in the cloud and the world of data centers. An immersive 3D experience, offering in particular 360 ° videos and a large amount of visual and audio content.

Bear71: the planet Earth of tomorrow

Best Virtual Reality Documentary Site

It is an almost dreamlike experience that offers Bear71 website, designed by the National Film Board of Canada. To the program, a natural documentary, with a virtual reality experience. An experience that can be heard and seen at the same time. Watch it on a big screen or with a VR headset to get the most out of it.

Konterball: Google’s video game

Best Virtual Reality Gaming Site

Many games are already available in virtual reality. But as Google shows with the Konterball project, it is not always necessary to offer particularly complicated experiences. Here, is a game of Pong, played for two, with another player on the Internet. Particularly addictive.

Baltic Sea Life: a virtual reality site that leaves room for nature

The best virtual reality sites in nature

The place Baltic Sea Life, designed in Germany, allows you Experience the underwater life of the Baltic Sea in virtual reality.. An underwater dive that must delight nature lovers. You can enjoy it on your computer, your mobile or through a virtual reality viewer. Throughout your experience, you will discover more and more things. We especially appreciate the visual dimension which is of very high quality.

Dance Tonite, a musical experience

The best virtual reality dance and music sites

Tonite dance it is a musical and virtual reality experience around music and dance. If you can let the camera do the navigating for you, it’s also possible to add your own dance to this veritable maelstrom if you have a large room for VR.

Five tips to improve the virtual or augmented reality experience on your site

Since virtual reality or augmented reality will become more and more important in our lives, it is important that companies take good practice into account. Here are some tips from some of the best experts in the field..

  • For a company in the commercial sector, it’s important to provide a store-like experience. A virtual “showroom” will soon be essential to offer the best shopping experience and thus encourage consumers to spend.
  • Virtual reality is also the solution for offer increasingly personalized and personalized experiences. This is how a client or Internet user can really appropriate the experience in the most immersive way.
  • How to encourage a customer to buy with augmented reality? Creating an optimized visual experience. Ikea thus offers the possibility of seeing, thanks to AR, how a piece of furniture could fit in your living room.. Thus we have the possibility of having an optimized experience.
  • Gamification is the key. If you want to give your customers an incentive to keep coming back, playing the game card is a no-brainer.. This can take the form of discounts or a point system that unlocks new features.
  • Virtual reality or augmented reality are still futuristic concepts for many clients. Therefore, it must take the time to fully explain the advantages and possibilities. This can take the form of a guided tour of your site, for example.

We can also advise those who want a virtual or augmented reality site to offer systems to test products or filters dedicated to each platform. And of course use a web agency like this web development agency in Paris.

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