The “Accessibility” function of Google Maps is now available in France

In 2020, Google launched the “Accessible Places” feature in Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States, letting users know if their destination has access disabled. Since November 2022, this feature is already available in France and worldwide, on Android and iOS.

To access it, just go to the app settings google maps then activate the “Accessible places” function in the “Accessibility” section. A wheelchair icon ♿ will appear on the profile of the location the user wants to go to and if you allow wheelchair users access to the entrance, restrooms, seats, parking lot, or elevator.

Ability to edit accessibility information for a location

It is in particular thanks to the information communicated by the various administrators and owners and to the contributions of the community. google maps that this functionality is possible. If a user wishes to provide information on the accessibility modalities, enrich the existing ones or report non-compliance, they can do so directly through the Google Maps application. To do this, you must search for the profile of the place in question, click on “About” and then on “Update this place”. Finally, you will be able to select the relevant information and add it to the place profile.

With this feature, Google wants to “ simplify life » people with disabilities who use a wheelchair to travel, but also those who cannot, such as the elderly, parents with a pram or people with a heavy suitcase.

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