Star Citizen: Supporter informs developer of misleading advertising

A Star Citizen supporter has reported the Cloud Imperium Games team in the UK to the UK Advertising Standards Authority for misleading advertisements about the sales of their concept spacecraft. For some time now, developers have been regularly offering new spaceships in the title’s “Engagement Store”, but these are just concepts, so players cannot use the model in the main Star Citizen game.

After this Reddit Mazty user and supporter Received an email in which Cloud Imperium Games made a final call for the “Gatac Railen” spaceship concept, the player had to take action. He forwarded the email to the UK Advertising Standards Authority, noting that there is not a single mention in the text that the spacecraft does not exist and may never exist. The authority in Britain took a closer look at the case and agreed with the supporter. The UK Advertising Standards Authority eventually informed Cloud Imperium Games of their misconduct.

The development team reacted quickly and put some legal details at the end of the Email full. He mentions that buyers are only purchasing one concept and that the spaceship is not yet available in the Star Citizen hangar. Instead, the model is in development and will be released at a later date. Additionally, the proceeds from the Pledge Store are used for the overall development of Star Citizen.

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