Spotify launches with Netflix a hub dedicated to the platform’s soundtracks, playlists and podcasts

Music and the small screen have always gone hand in hand. And to prove it, Netflix and Spotify come together to offer a space dedicated to Netflix’s sound universe. Available from Tuesday, Netflix Hub lets you find the soundtracks of your favorite Netflix shows on Spotify, and much more …

As part of a partnership between Netflix and Spotify, the music streaming service just introduced the “Netflix Hub“, a space that centralizes the official soundtracks and playlists of the main Netflix movies and series such as Strange things, The Money Heist, Narcos: Mexico, Where Squid, but also official Netflix podcasts, such as Ok, Now listen, Netflix is ​​a daily joke, 10/10 (would recommend), and The Crown: The Official Podcast.

The two companies have also created a ” improved album experience »For the Westerner The harder they fall offering fans a behind-the-scenes look at Jay-Z’s directed soundtrack creation, as well as a game / quiz about the series The Money Heist. This center is expected to continue operating and Netflix plans to add exclusive content to it in the coming months.

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Please note that Netflix has not paid for this facility. It is a collaboration between two companies with a common DNA that want to bring new content to their respective fan bases. But this hub is not new to Spotify, which has launched similar hubs with Disney (which includes official Disney playlists, soundtracks, and Disney-themed podcasts) or Peloton (which spawned a “Curated by Peloton” training hub with Peloton instructors playlists). Most recently, Spotify also partnered with GIPHY earlier this year to present the music to users via GIFs from artists.

To see if the relationship between the two platforms will go further. Both have as a competitor Apple, which now offers a whole universe around games, music, videos and even sports. Therefore, an extended association would make a lot of sense. Meanwhile, Netflix Hub is now available to all users, whether free or premium, in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, and India. All they need to do is log in by typing “Netflix” into the Spotify search bar. For other countries like France, you must go through the link Next, because the search is not working.

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