Sony launches free trials of its games, but there are limitations

Trying free trials of video games has been common for many years on PC, and now Sony is bringing this feature to PS5. So far it is only available in the UK (or for accounts originating there) and there are two titles that have received it: Sackboy: A Big Time Adventure and Death Stranding Director’s Cut. Now, next to the purchase button in the tab of each game, a new option appears that allows you to download it in its entirety and play for several hours.

New free trial button. PHOTO: Eurogamer

Free trials on PS5: how does it work?

According to information from Eurogamer, these tests have limitations that must be taken into account. First of all, we can only enjoy it until October 28. Second, the 6 hours for testing Death Stranding Director’s Cut and the 5 hours for Sackboy: A Grand Adventure start counting from the exact moment your downloads begin. This is an important detail, as installation can take hours for connections that are not fast enough.

In the event that we redeemed the trial version through the PlayStation Store website, the timer will start as soon as it is added to the library. Also, this version can only be purchased once per account and is not compatible with the PS4. Among other details, it is also specified that the DLCs associated with each title are only added in its full version. On the other hand, the trophies that we unlock during the free trial are preserved if you continue playing after purchasing the game.

PS5 gaming trials are only available in the UK and there is no confirmation that they will be rolled out in other countries.

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