Sony is gearing up for the holiday season

In the coming weeks, interest in the PS5 should pick up again, because the console should be on some players’ wish lists for holiday shopping. Sony is also aware of this and is preparing for the next deal.

Replenishment of PS5 by air transport

Sony typically relies on container ships to ship PS5 consoles to bring newly produced units to Europe. This way, up to six weeks pass: the new consoles would no longer arrive before the Christmas business. Sony now uses air transport especially for Great Britain, with which goods can be shipped much faster. However, it appears that these units are only intended for sale in the UK.

What are the chances of getting a PS5 in November or Christmas?

In recent weeks, Amazon, MediaMarkt, and Saturn in particular have distributed many PS5 consoles to their customers. With Black Friday in mind, there might be new copies here too soon. More recently, players from the MediaMarkt and Saturn branches could have been listed on PS5. But this was not announced.

Distributors like Alternate, Otto, or Euronics haven’t offered any new consoles for a long time. Interested parties should take a look at the online store from time to time. In our watchlist, we’ve rounded up all the links for you, where you might find a PS5 again soon. (buy now ) he can buy.

Buy PS5: Amazon

Other PS5 distributors

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