Some 100,000 officials vote in turn for the strike

About 100,000 British civil servants they voted for themselves Strike Thursday. This vote comes a day after the vote for nurses working in public health facilities, a first in the UK.

The main union of civil servants, the PCS (Public and Commercial Services) demands a 10% increase in salaries. It also calls for commitments on job security, “justice for pensions”, “protected dismissal conditions”.

In London, the tube is paralyzed

The union has warned that unless it receives “substantial proposals” from the government, it will announce a “sustained strike” program on November 18. The government “can no longer treat its workers with contempt,” said union general secretary Mark Serwotka. If the government does not listen to our members, we will have no choice but to launch a protracted program of industrial action affecting all aspects of public life.” “Public servants have voluntarily played a fundamental role in the functioning of the country during the pandemic, but enough is enough,” added the general secretary of the PCS.

Union actions have been linked in recent months in United Kingdom, hit by record inflation. HAS Londonthe the subway is paralyzed Thursday for a new social movement.

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