Social networks: for Germans and English, more than news and entertainment

Social media and digitization are now affecting almost every aspect of everyday life. Many consumers around the world use social platforms for more than just social connections.

With YouGov global profiles We asked consumers if they use social media primarily for news and entertainment. In this analysis, we focus on European countries with at least 2,000 respondents each. Globally, 58 percent of consumers use social media for precisely this purpose: entertainment and information.

German consumers are above the international average (65 percent). The Portuguese use social media most frequently for news and entertainment (69 percent), closely followed by the Poles (68 percent).

Meanwhile, more than a quarter of Germans (26 percent) disagree that they use social media primarily for news and entertainment. This puts Germany just behind Britain, and 33 percent of Britons disagree with the statement, the highest of the 10 European countries we surveyed. Also in France and Austria, more than a fifth (23 and 22 percent respectively) do not use social media primarily for news and entertainment. Greek and Italian consumers are less likely to disagree with the statement (10 percent each).

So what else could social media be used for? 63 percent of Germans say they mainly use social media to keep in touch with friends and family. Globally, this is what 62 percent of all respondents say.

Method: These results are based on YouGov data global profiles as of April 2022. Examines 10 countries in Europe with at least 2,000 respondents aged 18+ per country.

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