Should accents be “erased” by artificial intelligence?

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June 2022, thehealthy company announces that it has raised $32 million for the creation of technology based on theartificial intelligence whose purpose is to remove accents. September 2022, the platform is born not without generating interest, curiosity and enthusiasm around the world English speaker that speaks french.

Such software plunges us into a dystopia where technology comes to mark the differences, the markers of identity and cultures of individuals disappear. However, this idea is not new: the film Sorry to bother you Released in 2018, it already addressed the issue of the accent of African-American populations in a satire on call centers.

Movie Trailer “Sorry To Bother You” – Universal Pictures UK

So how can you remove an accent? Between utopia and dystopia, why could developing an artificial intelligence capable of “removing” accents be more of a problem than a solution? What is removed more than a sound mark by neutralizing an accent?

How artificial intelligence can silence an accent

Accent can be defined as a set of often oral signals (vowels, consonants, intonation, etc.) that (…) Read more in 20 minutes

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