Shell to close hydrogen filling stations in the UK

This is a textbook case of selective perception.

Every day new hydrogen filling stations are put into operation around the world. Decisions are also made for the entire series of hydrogen filling stations. You don’t hear any of that here. So Shell closes three old pioneer gas stations, and that sends a message.

Oh yes, and of course Tesla is also reported to have two new colors. WOW!

I even understand the editors here. When you have to attend to a group of BEV pioneers, you also have to attend to your defensive reflexes against anything new.
The first generation pioneers are particularly conservative when it comes to new developments. I know this for my entire life as an IT manager. Don’t tell a host person that client-server concepts will prevail, and don’t tell a client-server type that it will work in the browser model in the future. They had discovered the technology and no one had anything to say to them.

You can keep the bubble here for a while, hide everything that contradicts it, until the FCEVs circle your ears from left to right so much that your position becomes ridiculous.

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