she thought her father was dead 31 years old, she finds him on social media

She thought he was dead and yet. Sharnee Butler reunited with her father on social media after 31 years. An incredible story.

For 31 years he thought he no longer had a father… until the day he came across his profile on social media. An incredible story told by Underground. As the diary reveals, Sharnee Butler grew up without a father figure. And if she got used to it over time, the New Zealander always had the secret hope of seeing him one day.

“Growing up, I realized something was wrong, but no one had answers to my questions,” she said. Finally, the young woman decides to follow her instincts and starts to investigate with the little information she had. As she explains, she knew her name was Noel, that she was from the UK and that she was “crazy about sports”.

She goes to forums, participates in various TV shows, without success. But her determination ultimately paid off. One day, she comes across the profile of a certain Noel on social networks and decides to send him a message. “She only shared sports and I saw that she lived here in Christchurch between 1990 and 1991, before returning to the UK,” explained the young woman.

“I need to know”

The two start exchanging and during their argument, Sharnee jumps in and asks him the fateful question. “It’s going to sound strange and very personal, but I need to know. When you lived here in Christchurch, did you have relationships with girls?” she questioned before admitting that she had been looking for her father for years and that his description matched hers. description of him.

Intrigued by this revelation, Noel asks to know more. And the more details she gives, the more he recognizes himself. Finally, after long discussions, Sharnee understands that Noel dated Dale, her mother. For her part, she admits never having heard of a pregnancy and carrying on with her life as if nothing had happened. Today, to make sure that he is indeed her father, Sharnee has decided to release a kitten online to raise money for a DNA test.

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