Shark® Detect Pro technology? Shark® Detect Pro technology? Helps remove dirty carpets and floors. -September 7, 2023 at 2:15 p.m.

SharkNinja, Inc. introduced its new Detect Pro technology, the brand’s latest innovation in cleaning. Cleaning can seem like an uphill battle for consumers looking for solutions that make the task not only easier and faster, but also smarter, so they can have confidence that their home is truly clean.

Shark’s Detect Pro family offers a new kind of intelligence that makes cleaning your entire home more convenient. New cordless vacuum cleaners and robots feature sensory technology that automatically detects and responds to dirt in the home. DirtDetect Technology: Detects invisible dirt and automatically increases suction power for deep cleaning and up to 50% more efficient dirt pickup1.

EdgeDetect Technology: Detects edges and corners to improve performance and deliver powerful cleaning. This makes it easier than ever to tackle every corner of the house. FloorDetect technology? FloorDetect technology? Automatically optimizes cleaning performance based on floor type.

Consumers can rest assured that their floors will be properly cleaned when moving from hard floors to carpets and everything in between. LightDetect technology? Technology: Detects hidden dirt and debris by automatically adjusting headlight brightness to illuminate low-light areas.

Shark® will continue to launch vacuum cleaners with Detect Pro technology, with additional products launching in the UK, Canada, Germany and France, to improve the cleaning experience for everyone.

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