“sensitive” defense documents found on the street

About 50 pages were found Tuesday morning in a soggy pile, according to the BBC, behind a bus stop in southern England.

The UK Defense Ministry said on Sunday it had launched an investigation after a member of the public discovered documents. “sensitive“Including some on, according to the BBC, the recent passage of a Royal Navy ship off the Crimea.

«The Ministry of Defense has been informed … of an incident in which a member of the public found sensitive defense-related documents“Said a spokesman, adding that the loss had been reported by an employee.”The ministry takes information security very seriously and an investigation has been launched“he added.

According to the BBC, these classified documents, some fifty pages in total including emails and PowerPoint presentations, were found Tuesday morning behind a bus stop in Kent, southern England, in a soggy heap. Some spoke of a possible British military presence in Afghanistan after the departure of international forces.

Clash in the Black Sea

Others referred to the possible reaction of Russia to the passage on Wednesday of a Royal Navy ship, HMS Defender, in the Black Sea, off the Crimea, Ukraine’s peninsula annexed by Russia in 2014.

The Russian army had claimed to have fired warning shots at the British destroyer. The British government had denied it, citing “shooting exercises“Russian and”an innocent passage through the territorial waters of Ukraine“According to the documents, a possible aggressive response from Russia had been considered.

«As the public might expect, the Department of Defense carefully plans“, what “includes an analysis of all potential factors affecting operational decisions»Stressed the spokesperson on the HMS Defender.

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