Scenes of chaos after a drink promotion by Logan Paul and KSI

These are scenes that have been around on social media. a promotional drink Prime, the brand of Logan Paul and KSIso created chaos scenes in Aldi stores across the UK.

A promotion that attracted people

For several months now, Logan Paul and KSI have launched their own brand of energy drinks, called Prime. The bottles are also selling like hot cakes, be it in the United States or in the rest of the world. In the UK, the Aldi chain of stores recently launched a drinks promotion.

While Prime bottles are only sold in packs of 12 for £30, theestablishment offered drinks by unit, all for 2 pounds. Even before Aldi stores opened, many people were already lining up. As soon as the doors were opened, scenes of chaos were seen everywhere. We see children but also adults, willing to hit to recover Prime drinks. On social networks, the brand also explained that these scenes were not widespread, but were only present in some brands that had poorly prepared their movement. Thus we can read, in statements transcribed by BFMTV: “ Most of the stores had a clear process defined, where employees distributed the bottles by hand or left them at the checkout.. »

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