Satellite emergency SOS is officially available

By Carlos PIRES, the

Apple announced the official arrival of the security service emergency SOS via satellite in the United States and Canada.

This technology, integrated into all iPhone 14 models, allows you to send a message to emergency services in the absence of cellular or Wi-Fi network coverage. In addition, users who want to reassure their loved ones when they are in a white zone They can now use the Find My app to share their location via satellite. The service will expand to France, Germany, Ireland and the UK in December.

All models in the iPhone 14 family (iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max) feature specially designed Apple components and embedded software that work together to establish a direct connection to the satellites. Satellite Emergency SOS builds on existing essential iPhone features such as Emergency Call, Medical ID, Emergency Contacts, and Location Sharing in Find My, providing the ability to connect to a satellite to share critical information with services emergency and their loved ones.

However, some problems were found: the system believed in an accident and broke when iPhone owners were on roller coasters…

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