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Get to know Samsung Food = Get to know Samsung Food

Samsung Electronics announced at IFA 2023 the launch of Samsung Food, a personalized recipe and food advice platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Available in eight languages[1] and in 104 countries around the world, Samsung Food will offer a complete experience with more than 160,000 recipes. It will act as a personal assistant helping users discover new dishes, or even create menus. This service will also allow them to remotely control their kitchen appliances, benefit from step-by-step cooking instructions or even share their favorite recipes on social networks.

Building on the wide range of kitchen appliances already offered by Samsung, Samsung Food uses AI to go beyond existing capabilities and offer a platform that adapts to the needs and lifestyles of its users. To do this, Samsung Food relies on the extensive database of Whisk, a smart food application acquired by Samsung in 2019. It uses Food AI technology to suggest dishes based on the user’s preferences and seasonality.

“The food we enjoy and how we prepare it is fundamental to our daily lives, and we all love to cook and eat together. said Chanwoo Park, executive vice president and head of digital home appliances business group at Samsung Electronics’ Service Biz. By connecting digital and mobile devices across the Samsung ecosystem and taking users from the shopping list to the plate, Samsung Food uses advanced artificial intelligence capabilities to deliver an all-in-one personalized dining experience, controllable right from the palm of your hand. »

Food according to your tastes

The numerous features offered by Samsung Food aim to help users at every stage of meal planning and preparation, covering 4 key areas: recipe discovery and customization, tailored meal planning, connected cooking and social sharing.

Samsung Food allows you to save all your recipes to group them in digital format and consult them anywhere and at any time. The app analyzes recipes, standardizes their format and organizes them to create shopping lists based on the ingredients they require. In addition to mobile devices, users can also access the service through the Bespoke Family Hub refrigerator.[2]. The app then recommends recipes based on a list of foods available in the refrigerator.[3].

Samsung Food also comes with a recipe customization feature. In fact, AI can directly modify a recorded recipe to better reflect the user’s eating habits. In this way, you can transform a recipe into a vegetarian version, adapt it based on the ingredients available or even make it more nutritionally balanced. Samsung Food is also able to adjust the cooking time or difficulty level of a recipe.

For personalized daily meal planning, the app makes recommendations created using AI based on data provided by the user.[4]. The full nutritional composition of the ingredients is available at any time and it is possible to add items to your Samsung Food shopping list.

The connectivity offered by Samsung Food allows you to set a timer and preheat your oven remotely[5] and send recipe cooking settings directly to your devices[6], all from a smartphone or tablet. In addition to the Bespoke oven, Samsung Electronics plans to connect numerous devices, such as Bespoke microwave ovens, to Samsung Food before the end of the year.

With social sharing features, users can share their favorite dishes with their community, create and post their own recipes, and follow their favorite content creators.

From Samsung Health to Vision AI: the next features of Samsung Food

By the end of the year, Samsung plans to integrate Samsung Health with Samsung Food so that users can receive suggestions for managing their diet. The ability to sync information such as BMI, body composition and calorie consumption with Samsung Food will help users who want to achieve their goals and maintain a balanced diet.[7].

Vision AI technology, scheduled to be implemented in 2024, will allow Samsung Food to recognize photographed foods and meals to provide particular nutritional information. By analyzing foods, the app will be able to recommend the best recipes to use them, save these recipes to the user’s collection, and add the necessary ingredients to a shopping list, all with just a few clicks.

Samsung Food will continue to be updated with new features after its official launch.

[1] The app supports English (US), English (UK), German, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Mexico), French, Italian and Korean. Other languages ​​may be added in the coming years.

[2] The Bespoke Family Hub refrigerator is currently not available in France. All Bespoke Family Hub™ refrigerator models are compatible with Samsung Food service with Wi-Fi and Samsung account login.

[3] Custom recipe features for the Family Hub refrigerator are coming later this year via updates.

[4] Your personal data, including your age, height, weight, gender and activity level, may be entered into Samsung Food.

[5] This feature is only available for the Bespoke oven connected to SmartThings. The feature may not work on some ovens.

[6] Samsung Food’s Connected Cooking feature is only available on Samsung kitchen appliances connected to SmartThings.

[7] Designed for wellness and fitness management purposes only. It is not intended to be used in the detection, diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition or disease. Suggestions will be given for personal information only. Consult a health professional for advice.

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