RSF announces the opening of the Center for Press Freedom in Lviv in the coming days

The Center for Press Freedom in Lviv, the creation of which RSF announces today, aspires to become a center of protective equipment for journalists, in particular bulletproof vests and helmets, which is currently lacking. The venue will also be a resource center for journalists seeking financial or psychological assistance.

Based in Lviv, in the west of the country, the center will move to the facilities of the Lviv International Media Center, a draft initiated by the local council. Foreign journalists can work there from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. with internet connection, live streaming capability and shelter in case of attack. The RSF-created Center will be managed in partnership with the Institute of Mass Communication (IMI), RSF’s partner organization in Ukraine since 2014.

The center will have a digital interface to channel requests and assess needs. RSF and IMI receive hundreds of requests every day from journalists seeking assistance, be it transport, humanitarian aid or information material. Such a website will greatly facilitate the work of press freedom organizations.

RSF will also deploy its technology collateral freedom for the benefit of censored Ukrainian independent media, to bypass Internet blocking by using “mirror” sites created on international servers.

From day one, RSF has stood by Ukrainian journalists and international reporters at risk.explains Christophe Deloire, general secretary of RSF. The needs are immense and include first aid kits, humanitarian aid, protective equipment, media funding… We call on international donors and the media to approach RSF to send the necessary funds and equipment. in the coming days.

Journalists in Ukraine are forced to work in extremely dangerous conditions.” said IMI director Oksana Romaniuk. “Your courage allows us all to know the reality of Russian aggression in Ukraine. His work protects the right to information and helps combat fake news. We appreciate the support of our long-standing partner, RSF, and together we will do everything we can to protect the work of journalists in Ukraine.”.

For Hrystyna Lebed, coordinator of theInternational Media CenterThe production and dissemination of reliable information about the war is essential for us. Our country is under attack and we are fighting for our freedom. We do everything necessary so that journalists can work and the media spread information.

The Center for Press Freedom in Lviv works closely with the support program for Ukrainian journalists of the European network of journalists n-ost.

Early patrons of the Center include the Limelight Foundation and the Adessium Foundation in the Netherlands, the Schöpflin Foundation in Germany, the King Baudouin Foundation in Belgium, and the Oak Foundation in the United Kingdom, as well as dozens of individual donors. RSF and IMI thank you for your commitment.

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