Resellers are buying over 2,000 new consoles in the UK right now, they may have gotten excited too soon

A new contingent was temporarily available in the UK. PS5-Consoles available. But resellers rushed straight to the devices. However, the joy may be short-lived.

Resellers taking advantage of PS5 consoles in the UK could get a nasty surprise

When retailers like GAME in the UK were able to offer new PS5 consoles, online stores crashed. Not only because of the flood of customers, but because again Scalpers with their bots about available devices. Through Twitter, the resellers boasted of having bought around 2,500 consoles. The regular customers, of course, were upset and asked the dealers to Cancel orders.

GAME even responded and announced that they would review purchases:

“The PlayStation 5 is still in high demand, and that demand far exceeds current supply. We have taken strict measures to ensure that only one console is sold per customer. This should allow as many individual customers as possible to purchase successfully.

All pre-orders are automatically verified. Therefore, for example, cancellations can be made after these checks. Even after customers have received a valid order confirmation email. Currently, these orders are still treated as pre-orders, so customer payments have not been initiated yet. Payments start as soon as our reviews are complete. “

This means that, in this case, the resellers may not have taken advantage of as many consoles as they thought. It is unclear how things will proceed and how the canceled Playtation 5 devices will be sold again without the bots attacking them again.

We stop you updated in PS5 availability.

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