Relaxation of health measures at the borders with the United Kingdom for vaccinated people

Given the predominance of the Omicron variant in both France and the United Kingdom, the Government has chosen to ease the specific health control measures at the borders that were decided last December for vaccinated travelers from the United Kingdom. These measures had been taken while the epidemic was advancing spectacularly in the United Kingdom, leaving France relatively preserved in the face of the Omicron wave. The already widespread distribution of the variant in both countries has led the Government to decide on the following adjustments.

The rules that will apply from this Friday morning for trips between the United Kingdom and France will be the following:

  • All travelers, vaccinated or not, must submit a negative test (PCR or antigen test) within 24 hours prior to departure.
  • For vaccinated travelers, there will no longer be the obligation to justify a compelling reason to come to France, nor the obligation to respect a period of isolation upon arrival in the national territory. As such, the need to register, prior to travel, on the “ÉOS for passengers” digital platform will be waived. The tests may be carried out at the places of arrival.

Unvaccinated travelers from the UK will still need to register, prior to departure, on the “éOS Passenger” digital platform (, which allows, in particular, to provide the address of your stay in France.

They must, upon arrival in France, observe a strict 10-day quarantine period in this place; this quarantine will be controlled by the police.

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