Regulation Bar 2022: towards an increase in the quota?

As of December 10, the EU and the United Kingdom, after Brexit, will now have to agree each year on the multiple commercial and leisure fishing possibilities (TAC, Total Allowable Catch), while taking into account scientific advice from CIES. And this advisory has just been published for the year 2022. It refers to a wide variety of species, obviously including sea bass.

Therefore, in accordance with these last recommendations, the quota of seabass catch per day and per fisher could increase due to the fact that the TACs have been revised upwards:
200 tons more than the total quota (commercial and recreational fishing) compared to the 2021 recommendation, or 2,216 tons, of which 583 tons are destined for recreational activities.

According to the EAA (European Fishermen’s Association), this new estimate could affect our quota.

In fact, instead of two specimens per day per fisherman, we could catch three. The season opening would also be earlier, in March instead of April.

Note that the separation of the two zones, north and south, by the 48th parallel is still relevant. Recall that the representatives of recreational fishing already wanted at the beginning of 2021 three fish per day and per fisherman for eight months, both in the north and in the south with de facto the same deadline for both areas (as well as for the professional ). fishing). These same representatives are also calling for the application of a common minimum mesh size to EU waters of 42 cm.

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