Record heat forecast for UK and Ireland

The UK and Ireland could break their all-time heat record between Monday and Tuesday. UK National Meteorology has issued a red alert for “unprecedented heat”.

For the first time in its history, the English National Weather Service, the Meteorological Officeissued a red alert, at the highest level, for the heatheat. Temperatures could reach 40°C on Sunday or Monday, a first for the country as the all-time heat record is 38.7°C recorded in July 2019. The Weather Bureau estimates there is 50% risk of reaching a temperature of 40 °C. C and an 80% chance of breaking the record high of 38.7°C. Nighttime temperatures will also be sweltering, also surpassing the nighttime heat record of 23.9°C recorded in August 1990. This is a “ national emergency” for the government meteorological organization that fears a spike in mortality and difficulties in transportation.

A temperature of 40°C ten times more likely due to global warming

This heat spike is the extension of the one that worries France on Monday and Tuesday. Climbing north, the cold drop that drivesairair hot in our country, it will cause the same situation in the British Isles. According to climatologistsclimatologists From the Met Office, the chances of experiencing temperatures above 40°C in England are 10 times higher due to global warming, compared to a simulation without climate change caused by human activities. The situation is very similar on the Irish side, which could also beat its absolute heat record: 33.3°C in Kilkenny To emitTo emitrecorded June 26, 1887. The Irish Weather Service, I met Eiranforecast 32 to 34°C this Monday.

England also fears its drought condition will worsen and the water department has asked residents to ” take showers that do not exceed five minutes and use the washing machine only if it is full”.

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