Real surgeons in the UK get Surgeon Simulator 2 for free

The developers at Bossa Studios are currently gifting their absurd Surgeon Simulator 2 to members of the British NHS (National Health System). The many people who work in this branch of the health system can join one until October 22. dedicated platform Sign up and have the game send you a code.

Henry Olifiers, “Player in chief” and CEO of Bossa Studios, commented on the initiative: “At Bossa, we have always envisioned Surgeon Simulator 2 as a valuable training tool for NHS workers to improve their skills in healthcare.” He continued: “We believe that our players should be taught how to really do it.”, as the player base possibly “honestly rubbish” is when it comes to saving patient Bob.

Legitimately trained physician Dr. Idris Morgan endorsed the action, but in his statement denies any medical benefit from the use: “Surgeon Simulator 2 is absolute NO practical medical training instrument “the doctor explained. “In my spare time, however, I do enjoy playing video games, so I’m sure medical professionals around the world will find Bossa’s interpretations of medicine and heart transplants very entertaining, which take place in five seconds.”

Surgeon Simulator 2Surgeon Simulator 2

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