Queen Elizabeth II dressed in pale green for her sports Sunday

Queen Elizabeth II attended the final of Out-Sourcing Inc.’s Royal Windsor Cup on Sunday, a polo competition orchestrated by the prestigious Guards Polo Club that she sponsors.

Sports Sunday for the British Royal Family. While Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, went to the men’s final of the Wimbledon tennis tournament -with her father Michael Middleton and the Duke of Kent- and the Eurocup at Wembley Stadium, in the company of her husband, the Prince William and his eldest son, Prince George, Queen Elizabeth II were also out for a final. The Royal Windsor Cup polo shirt from Out-Sourcing Inc.

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This competition is orchestrated by the prestigious Guards Polo Club. Founded in 1955 by Prince Philip, who was its president, and sponsored by the Sovereign, this polo club based in the park of Windsor Castle took that name in 1969, after initially being called the Household Brigade Polo Club. Launched in its beginnings in 1955, the Royal Windsor Cup, named after its sponsor, the Japanese company Out-Sourcing Inc., for four years, is recognized as the leading 15-goal tournament in the United Kingdom.

Elizabeth II wore a diamond flower brooch

All handsome, the 95-year-old monarch appeared for the occasion in a bright pale green coat, over a white dress with a green and red floral print, accompanied by a hat of the same color adorned with a large flower. In addition to her usual white pearl necklace and earrings, she was adorned with a brooch that represented a flower on its stem with several petals finishing off a small knot, all in diamonds.

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