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Spider Pumps introduces the PC 50 pneumatic hygienic diaphragm pump. Expanding the range with this compact 1 ”air diaphragm pump makes Murzan technology now available for hygienic dosing (between 0 and 4 m³ / hour) of extremely food brittle and slimy.

Ccompact air driven diaphragm pump

The overall height of less than 40 cm makes the PC 50 the most compact and lightest pump in the Murzan range.

It has a precision camera (PC). The manufacturer optimized the design of this new pump in such a way that the stroke volume of the PC product chamber is limited to ⅓ of a liter. This is ⅓ of the stroke volume of the SC (small chamber) pump. The smallest diaphragm pump in the Murzan range to date.

Hygienic dosing

The PC 50 air diaphragm pump covers a capacity range of 0 to 4 m³ / hour and has 1 ”suction and pressure connections. The manufacturer’s range of diaphragm pumps now varies in a flow range of 0 to 40 m3 / h and in five different connection sizes (1 to 6 ”).

The new 1 ”pneumatic diaphragm pump is characterized by its highly hygienic design, both internally and externally. This also applies to the full line of Murzan products.

Spin Pumps supplies the PC 50 pneumatic diaphragm pump with different types of valves (ball valves and mushroom valves) on request. Diaphragms and valves are available in Epdm, Buna or Teflon material.


The pump is made entirely of stainless steel and, for the Ehedg certified version, of polished 316 stainless steel (Ra <0.8 µm). The PC 50 diaphragm pump can be easily integrated into CIP cleaning due to its design.

The low stroke frequency ensures a low noise level. The use of a stainless steel air motor makes it resistant to the cleaning agents used by the user, for example, when foaming in the installation.

Vulnerable foods

Murzan pneumatic diaphragm pumps are suitable for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

The large free passage ensures that you can process products with large solids (up to 100mm) effortlessly and without damage.

But the pumps are also suitable for processing fiber / yarn products and / or viscous foods up to 250,000 cP.

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