PM Sunak seeks ways to remove trade barriers

International20 Nov ’22 11:32Author: remy cook

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is considering measures to remove a large number of trade barriers with the European Union. There is also the possibility that a similar model will be used for Switzerland, which will cause great discontent within the right wing of the Conservative Party. So writes Bloomberg.

Rishi Sunak. (ANP / AFP)

Switzerland has access to the European bloc through some bilateral agreements, but the same type of agreement requires the UK to take a more liberal stance when it comes to EU immigrants. More liberal than hardcore Brexiteers are likely to accept.

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The UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Steve Barclay told Sky News this morning that he would not support such a deal. “It is extremely important that we make use of the many Brexit freedoms we have,” he said. “We also have to take advantage of the opportunities we have in sectors where high growth is expected, such as green industries and science.”


According to former Brexit negotiator David Frost, any approach by the UK that conforms to European regulations to achieve trade benefits would be ‘unacceptable’. Frost was a fierce opponent of such an approach under Prime Minister Boris Johnson when the mandate to negotiate was signed in 2020.

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