PlayStation Direct Store Comes to Benelux

The PlayStation Direct store is expanding to Europe. The store is already available in Germany and the Benelux will be available soon.

PlayStation NL tweeted the news, stating that fans should “keep an eye on the account” before the launch of PlayStation Direct.

PlayStation Direct has been available in the United States since 2019. Customers can register through the site and purchase a PlayStation 5 through the platform.

The German store is now available, giving European fans a first impression of what is available in the store. For example, there are PlayStation 5 consoles, which are not available at the moment. Additionally, DualSense Midnight Black, Cosmic Red, White and Midnight Black Pulse 3D headphones are available.

Sony says it should “make it easier for PlayStation fans to shop for consoles, games and accessories.” There are still very few PlayStation 5 consoles, but Sony has sold 13.4 million consoles despite that.

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