Pinterest focuses on body diversity with new AI technology

Every day, content bombards us on social media and influences us and our self-image. If you mainly see people of normal beauty and thinness, and perhaps you do not correspond to this image, in many cases this can reinforce a negative image of yourself. To combat this and continue to live up to its reputation as a positive little internet utopia, Pinterest now asked a new body type technology. Artificial intelligence (AI)-based technology analyzes content based on body shapes and provides the algorithm with a more diverse overall picture.

Pinterest wants to promote a positive online experience

For years, Pinterest has been committed to creating a positive and inclusive online experience for all users. The platform already integrates options to adjust search results based on skin tone and hair type. Now Pinterest is going one step further and proudly displaying its latest achievement: body type technology.

The AI ​​solution is used to analyze more than 5 billion Pinterest images to identify the body types represented in them. The algorithm then automatically produces a more inclusive result, from which everyone should feel more represented.

The technology was developed in cooperation with internal and external experts, such as model and content creator Tess Holliday or the National Association for the Advancement of Fat Acceptance (NAAFA). One small drawback: this technology is currently only used in the US, Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. At the moment it is not known when German users will be able to try it.

Inclusive eating can increase well-being

Of course, before it was possible to look for inspiration in fashion or everyday life on the Internet. However, these searches often cause frustration, especially in people who do not have their current body ideal: either the desired clothing was not available in the required size or the selection of the results reinforced existing insecurities about one’s own appearance.

Searches on Pinterest have recently shown a growing interest in inspiration specific to larger sizes. For example, the search query “summer outfits for curvy moms” increased 47 times. The interest is there. The only question was: why should overweight people perform a special search query?

As activist and model Tess Holliday emphasizes, technology can help significantly influence the perception and therefore the well-being of many people: “Authentic representation on a platform without having to actively adjust body shape or size Getting the desired results is more important than ever for the well-being of young people around the world. “I am incredibly grateful to have been able to help Pinterest grow to bring more attention to overweight people and show everyone else that real change is possible.”

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