Pigs operate computer games with a joystick – knowledge

Biologists have trained pigs to operate a computer game with a joystick. “It is not a small achievement,” say the scientists.

According to a new study, pigs can operate computer games using a joystick. Scientists at Purdue University in Indiana trained four pigs to use their snouts to move the joystick and point a cursor on a screen at a specific destination.

When the two Yorkshire pigs and the two little pigs did their job, they were rewarded. In experiments, animals hit the target significantly more often than with random joystick movements, like Candace Croney and a colleague. in the trade magazine Frontiers in psychology posts.

“These results show that pigs have the ability to learn a joystick-operated video game task despite lack of dexterity and visual limitations,” the team writes. Croney adds: “Understanding the concept that one’s behavior has an impact elsewhere is no small feat for an animal.”

The pigs had already achieved remarkable results in previous studies. Hungarian researchers reported in July that small pigs raised in families can solve tasks more independently than dogs.

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