Orange is experimenting with video calls with a hologram

Matsuko Orange, Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica and Vodafone have teamed up with the start-up Matsuko to experiment with holographic communication.

Orange and the main European telecommunications operators come together to experiment with “holographic communication”.

TELEPHONY – When fiction meets reality. Hand in hand, telecommunications operators, orange (France), Deutsche Telekom (Germany), Telefónica (Spain) and Vodafone (United Kingdom) announced on Wednesday, September 21, their incorporation start up of Slovak origin Matsuko. The goal is to experience the first European holographic communication platform ».

In concrete terms, this consists of integrating “ holograms ” in video communications, thanks in particular to the possibilities offered by 5G technology and cutting-edge computing technologies, thus blending the virtual and the real. “The goal is to allow a person, simply equipped with a 5G smartphone, to film himself on camera and appear before his interlocutors in a high-definition 3D hologram”traders explained in a joint press release.

Projected in a virtual environment or superimposed on the real environment, the hologram will be visible through augmented reality goggles or virtual reality headsets. Thus, this platform can allow individuals and companies to organize virtual presentations, meetings or events in the near future.

At the moment the amounts of the investments have not been communicated, nor the calendar of possible commercial applications of this project.

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