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Friedrich Merz (CDU) hopes that the European Union will also join the boycott of the Beijing Olympics. What the traffic light government says about it.

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SPD Secretary General Lars Klingbeil has spoken out against the political boycott of the Winter Olympics in Beijing. “No, that is something that I am very skeptical about boycotting the Olympics. I think the Olympics are always an option or in general big sports tournaments are an opportunity to point out critical social developments in a specific way.” He said. Klingbeil, who will be elected co-leader of the party at an SPD party congress this Saturday, Hannover radio station ffn.

Klingbeil mentioned violations of human rights and freedom of the press, oppression and poor working conditions as possible issues to highlight.

“So that’s something where the games can never be seen as a purely sporting event. It should still be possible to start precisely these socio-political debates,” he said. “And that’s what I want the most. So if the Olympics are taking place now and it has been decided that this stage and this platform will also be used to discuss what is failing from the point of view of many, what could be better? And what? You just understand that it’s not about sports competition. It’s also about making it clear socio-politically what would be better. “

Here’s what Chancellor Scholz says about the diplomatic boycott of the Olympics

The new Federal Chancellor was more cautious. Olaf Scholz (SPD). “Those issues must be discussed very carefully,” Scholz told Welt television after his election as chancellor on Wednesday. “The Olympic Games are always a contribution to the coexistence of the world.” Many people have been committed to him for a long time. “This is the youth of the world.” Scholz said: “We will make decisions when they arise.” The new government is in talks with many others.

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After the political boycott of the Winter Olympics in Beijing by several Western countries, the president of the CDU, Friedrich Merz, also called on the I such a step. “The European Union should also make this decision. Athletes could participate in the Olympics, but the Beijing regime would be largely politically isolated,” the politician told the news portal “t-online” (Wednesday). A diplomatic boycott of the games is correct due to the continuing human rights violations in China.

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the USA announced on Monday a diplomatic boycott of next year’s games (February 4-22, 2022) in protest of human rights violations in China. Australia and Britain also do not want to send government representatives to Beijing.

The traffic light parties have not yet commented on the Olympic boycott

In addition to Merz, more and more German politicians are calling for a diplomatic boycott of the sporting event by the EU. However, the leadership of the new semaphore government formed by the SPD, the Greens and the FDP recently left open the possibility of accepting the US decision. Olaf Scholz (SPD), who was elected as the new Federal Chancellor on Wednesday, said that the day before, it would be carefully consulted and in an international context and decisions would be made.

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