Nine ways the UK is supporting Ukraine after the Russian invasion by cracking down on oligarchs and training troops

BORIS Johnson laid out nine ways Britain is supporting Ukraine, including cracking down on oligarchs and training troops.

The prime minister’s supporting measures include sanctions against President Putin, Sergei Lavrov, oligarchs, five Russian banks, more than 100 companies and Belarus.

Boris Johnson outlines nine ways Britain supports UkraineCredit: No. 10 Downing Street / BEEM
The measures include the repression of the oligarchs and the training of troops.Credit: Twitter/@borisjohnson

Britain has also sent military support to Poland’s border with Ukraine, as well as defensive military aid.

Some 22,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been trained as part of Operation Orbital.

The program has deployed the British Armed Forces to help bolster the Ukrainian military since 2015.

A comprehensive support program was proposed to reinforce NATO’s eastern flank.

And £100m has been provided for Ukraine’s economic reform and energy independence, along with £373m of guaranteed funding from the Development Bank.

The Joint Expeditionary Force was convened, bringing together members of the EU, NATO and the Nordic states.

Russian airline Aeroflot has been banned and the UK has called for an end to Russian involvement in SWIFT, a global financial artery.

It comes after a Russian freighter was intercepted today in the English Channel by French authorities.

The 416-foot vessel belongs to one of 100 Russian companies hit by EU sanctions this week, and is believed to be the first Russian asset seized.

The ship was intercepted by customs officials near Honfleur, Normandy, after leaving the French city of Rouen.

Captain Véronique Magnin, of France’s maritime prefecture, said the cargo ship carrying cars, which was bound for St Petersburg, is “strongly suspected of being linked to sanctioned Russian interests”.

Earlier this week, ministers vowed to hit Russia with unprecedented sanctions to bring the superpower to its knees.

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said the prime minister and other world leaders would “punish this aggression.”

And he warned the Kremlin that it had made a “catastrophic wrong decision” in launching the attack on Kiev, that it would retaliate “with ferocity.”

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