New photo fuels the concern of the ARD presenter

Kai Pflaume wanted his fans to share a great success.Image: dpa / Christian Charisius


Vera Siebnich

Kai Pflaume has been especially sporty lately. On Instagram, the presenter repeatedly took his fans to his training sessions. The moderator has now revealed where he led it all: Over the weekend he completed a half marathon.

The ARD presenter also wanted to celebrate this milestone with his fans. He chose a photograph that would show his success particularly well. And while many fans were really happy with her performance, others were surprised.

Because, in his opinion, the presenter looked healthy in the photo. Many people expressed their concerns on Instagram and sometimes found clear words to express it.

Kai Pflaume: the photo drives fans crazy

On Sunday, Kai Pflaume posted a photo on Instagram in which he proudly held a medal to the camera. As Pflaume explains in the article’s caption, it comes from the Tegernsee tour. The host of “Who knows something like that?” participated this weekend and achieved a notable achievement.

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It took him one hour and 41 minutes to complete the half marathon distance (about 21 kilometers). “I’m very happy with the time. New personal best in the half marathon,” Pflaume said proudly afterwards. In the end, this time was enough for 248th place.

Many on Instagram congratulated the presenter for his performance in the race. But some can’t help but worry about the 56-year-old.

Because in the photo in which Pflaume proudly presents his medal he has noticed one detail: Plum seems extremely thin. “That looks really bad,” one obviously horrified fan commented. “That no longer seems healthy or a role model!” says another.

And even in the comments that actually praise Pflaume’s performance, many people are concerned. “Good performance. Ten more kilos on the ribs would still do you good,” says one comment. “OMG, how do you look? Great acting, but too skinny,” read another comment. And another commenter even thinks: “Haggard, haggard. He doesn’t look very good. Sorry, but that’s not an internet role model.”

Oliver Pocher mocks

Comedian Oliver Pocher sees it differently. He also talked about Pflaume’s publication in the story of him. He shared a screenshot of the half marathon image.

But he does not praise the moderator, on the contrary. Pocher puts a sticker with a question on the image. In it he tries to quote Plum and writes: “I have a…”

Oliver Pocher tries against Kai Pflaume.

Oliver Pocher tries against Kai Pflaume.Image: Instagram/Oliver Pocher

In his usual unpleasant tone, Pocher offers “midlife crisis” as a possible answer. Kai Pflaume has not yet reacted; He may prefer to let his success in the half marathon speak for itself.

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