Netflix’s new plan for the finale angers fans

Netflix has released a new teaser for the sixth season of “The Crown.”image: netflix


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In five seasons, “The Crown” has become one of Netflix’s most popular series, although there has been some controversy over the years. The story of Queen Elizabeth II, who died in 2022, is told chronologically, with several actresses playing the monarch. Occasionally real events are exaggerated for dramatic purposes, which is not well received, especially in Britain.

The upcoming sixth season will conclude “The Crown.” Netflix has released a one-minute teaser focusing on Imelda Staunton as Elizabeth II. However, the release strategy this time is different from previous seasons.

“The Crown”: release dates are known

The sixth season of “The Crown” will not premiere on Netflix all at once. Initially there will be four episodes on November 16, the remaining six will be available from December 14.

The streaming service is using the same strategy it recently used with “Stranger Things” or “The Witcher.”

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In the case of “The Crown,” dividing a season into two parts is a novelty. Until now, each season has been released in its entirety in one day. Fans of the series will have to adjust in the end.

In reddit Several people speak who are not particularly enthusiastic about innovation. “This way they keep the discussions alive on the Internet for longer,” speculates one user, referring to those responsible for the series.

Another user highlights that the streaming provider naturally wants to attract or retain new customers. On the other hand, Netflix has not decided to upload only one episode per week: this strategy used to be common for prestige series, but is rarely followed today, especially on Netflix. Meanwhile, another fan is settling scores on Reddit:

“It’s annoying. I’m sick of Netflix. I’m canceling it as soon as I finish part two, one way or another.”

There is currently a lot of speculation about the focus of the season. One user is convinced that the first episodes will be about Diana (and her tragic death), while the remaining episodes could lead to the end of the plot in 2005. Therefore, Duchess Meghan will not appear in “The Crown”, as has been known for some time.

However, that doesn’t really diminish the anticipation for season six. on the comments Youtube For example, several fans explain that they actually have nothing to do with the British royal family, but that “The Crown” is still their favorite series.

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