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The diesel process begins, but the most important man is missing. Six years have passed since the emissions scandal at Volkswagen came to light. One of the most important court hearings in German industrial history will begin this Thursday in Braunschweig. The charges against the first four of the approximately 100 suspects are severe: “Business fraud and gang fraud and other crimes.” Former VW boss Winterkorn is not in the room; the proceedings against him have been separated for health reasons. Go to article

The United States, Great Britain and Australia sign a new security pact. The pact is considered a historic step because American underwater technology is one of the best-kept state secrets to date. This should allow Australia to build its own nuclear powered submarines. That should shift the balance in the controversial South Pacific in favor of the island continent and its western allies. They are probably concerned about one thing above all else: putting China in its place. Go to article

EXCLUSIVE The number of midi jobbers more than doubled. Women do three-quarters of midi jobs. The vice president of the left-wing parliamentary group Ferschl views this construct critically for this very reason. In 2019, Labor Minister Heil raised the income limit for midi jobbers to 1,300 euros and introduced that reduced pension contributions for midi jobbers no longer have a negative effect on their subsequent retirement. As a result, the number of people employed in this area increased. Ferschl now says the SPD has announced that it wants to get women out of the part-time trap. The midi employment reform had the opposite effect and meant “subsidizing low-paid work.” Go to article

Johnson is reorganizing his cabinet. It is the second time in his term that the British Prime Minister has made major changes to his government team. Most prominent victim: former Foreign Minister Raab, who loses his post after criticizing his policy in Afghanistan. Raab is now Minister of Justice, which observers see as a clear demotion. Go to article

“Possible danger”: police operation in the Hagen synagogue. Large numbers of helmeted police officers guard the Jewish community synagogue in central Hagen until late at night. A prayer is canceled on the highest holiday of Yom Kippur and the streets are largely closed. The police operation ended early in the morning. So far, the background is unclear. Go to article

Space-X launches tourists into space. Aboard the one Falcon 9Attached missile Continue-Capsule, not even the pilot is a professional. The capsule of the American company SpaceX, chartered by a billionaire, flies largely automatically. At about 580 kilometers above Earth, the capsule is supposed to fly even higher than the International Space Station ISS and orbit Earth for three days at about 30,000 kilometers per hour every 90 minutes. Go to article

Other important topics:

News about the Bundestag elections

EXCLUSIVE How the raids occurred on the ministries run by the SPD. The Lower Saxony judiciary defends its searches at the Federal Ministry of Justice and the Federal Ministry of Finance, and with each word the indignation grows in the affected houses. Go to article (SZ Plus)

EXCLUSIVE These districts could determine the influence of the left. If the party falls below five percent, a red-green majority is within reach. But a little-known regulation in electoral law could ultimately shift the balance of power. If one of the parties wins three direct terms nationwide, the five percent clause does not apply. Go to article (SZ Plus)

Merz sees Merkel’s joint responsibility for the misery of the CDU. According to Merz, the fact that Merkel remained in office for the entire legislative term as Federal Chancellor in the fall of 2018 after her resignation as party leader also contributes to the party’s problems. “The Union has renounced the official bond of a successor to Angela Merkel, and that is why we now go to federal elections in this historically unique formation,” he says. Go to article

better things

Better to wait in Cottbus. The supposedly best train station in Germany is located in the city of Brandenburg. According to the jury, “trains from six different directions” arrive. That’s more than you can expect from boring average train stations. Go to article

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