Miya Knights Interview: “Amazon Can’t Be Caught”

But merchants use the technologies of different providers. Doesn’t that make a difference?
Amazon has its own Just Walk Out technology. Aldi uses Aifi and Tesco uses Wheat. They are all different from each other, but they work the same way.

To go back to the Amazon example: How do you experience fresh markets?
I realized how important the private label strategy is for the range and therefore also for the profitability of the business. The focus is also on takeaway food and convenience products. Amazon works with local producers. All stores are located within 0.5 km of a transportation hub, near densely populated residential or office locations, and within 200 meters of another supermarket or grocery store.

  • Brit Miya Knights is the editor-in-chief of Retail Technology magazine and an expert on the use of technology in retail.
  • Together with Natalie Berg, he wrote the book “Amazon: How the World’s Most Relentless Retailer will Continue to Revolutionize Commerce”, which will be published in German in June under the title “Das Amazon Modell”.
  • Knights lives near London.

Do you get the impression that cashless stores employ fewer staff than comparable stores with cash registers?
All of the aforementioned retailers are putting cashiers back in the sales floor to advise customers and restock products. Amazon Fresh stores also have a Click & Collect dashboard to manage order fulfillment and returns.

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