Milvue raises $ 8 million to revolutionize emergency imaging with AI

Posted on dec. 2021 at 7:30

The name Milvue is inspired by Milvus, a daytime raptor with a penetrating gaze. At the origin of this Parisian start-up is Alexandre Parpaleix, a young intern in radiology and a doctor in neurosciences who, after having to interpret a lot of emergency X-rays taken during the night one beautiful morning, had the click of resorting to artificial intelligence . to help you classify exams and make a first level of diagnosis.

Two years of work later, in July 2018, Milvue was born, which he co-founded with two friends from the Polytechnic and PhD in IA, Malo Huard and Ronan Riochet, scientific and technical directors respectively of the company, and Thomas Gavoille, a graduate of the ‘ Ensae, which drives engineering.

Today hosted in the Cochin hospital kindergarten, the company announced on Tuesday that it had completed its series A fundraising of 8 million euros from European investors specializing in AI, including 58 French radiologists, such as Professor Guy Frija, who subscribed around of 1 million. .

In less than a minute

“Beyond the business plan, they thoroughly audited our deep learning algorithms and our ability to reuse them in other areas, for example sectional imaging,” explains Aissa Khelifa, CEO since September 2020 and former director of sales and marketing at Agfa. Healthcare France.

Patented, Milvue technology is capable of delivering in real time, in 30 to 60 seconds, a reliable diagnosis by AI, an indication of the priority level of the examination to be interpreted by the radiologist and the automated preparation of the borrowed account, up to now very waste of time. “The Milvue Suite ensures the diagnosis of the emergency doctor by avoiding between 70 and 90% of errors, according to a study carried out at the CHU of Valenciennes”, he argues.

Dotée du marquage CE 2A depuis février 2020, an unpublished solution of diagnostic et de tri complet des pathologies ostéoarticulaires et pulmonaires, in a seul algorithm, is commercialized in France and via des partenaires in Suisse, in Spain, bientôt in Allemagne, in Scandinavie ou in the United Kingdom. In 2022, Milvue, which will hire twelve data scientists, developers, regulation experts … and will double its R&D budget to 1.6 million, aims for a turnover of 1.3 million, also relying on its new algorithms prediction of hospital flows.



Creation date : 2018

President and co-founder: Alexandre Parpaleix

Growing: 8 million euros

Cash: 18 persons

Sector: medical imagery

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