Meta separates from journalists in favor of algorithms

Goal announced on November 2 to various news organizations responsible for curating news content on Facebook, that he was terminating his contract as of January 1, 2023. The work of these journalists will soon be replaced by algorithms. Countries affected include the United Kingdom, the United States, and France.

Facebook News will soon be automated

Launched in 2019 in the United States and last February in France, Facebook News allows users of the social network read a summary of daily news. The articles that appear in this tab come from Media partners with the Californian giant and are selected by a small team of journalists Independent.

In France, le figaro revealed that the contract between Meta and Media Services, the affiliate of the AFP news agency specializing in content verification, will not be renewed. A dozen employees, hired on a fixed-term basis to sort and prioritize paper, are worried. In a statement addressed to figarolaments a spokesman for the General News Press Alliance ” who chooses facebook do not give more space to information, in particular through the visibility of its Facebook News service. Publishers obviously remain strategic partners for platforms and regulators, particularly in the context of the application of European texts. “.

In the UK, the British media Press release indicates that the news aggregator Upday will also see its association with Meta terminated. At the beginning of June, Mark Zuckerberg’s company warned the main American press publishers, such as the New York Timesthe Wall Street Journal where he Washington Post that she would not extend her services. A Meta spokesperson explained that “ [Meta] constantly evaluates our global content curation partnerships according to the needs of the user and the product “.

Meta seeks a golden egg hen

If Meta is no longer interested in news content on Facebook, it is because this one doesn’t pay enough. According to the Menlo Park-based company, media postings represent less than 3% of what users see in your newsfeed. In addition, on October 21, he threatened to block the sharing of journalistic content on your platform in Canada as the Canadian government considered online news law. The latter could force digital giants remunerate the national media for the dissemination of their content. In France, Facebook is already obliged to remunerate press organizations thanks to right neighbor.

The group shows, since the second trimester of 2022, decrease in financial results and is forced to check your expenses. At the moment, Meta’s priorities are highlighting reelsthese short videos present on Instagram and Facebook, and the metaverse.

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