Meta disconnects Facebook News

Facebook News has had its moment in Germany, Great Britain and France. Publishers should continue to be able to share their news and articles on the platform in the future.

In 2019, Facebook created a separate News Feed for publishers with its News tab. In Germany, Great Britain and France it will now be abolished again, as the company advertises.

The end of Facebook News is part of an “ongoing effort to better align our investments with our products and services that people value most.”

Off Facebook News in Germany

In the coming months, Facebook users will still be able to access the News tab. But at the beginning of December it will end, as announced by the Meta subsidiary.

The end of the News tab shouldn’t mean the end of news on the platform in general. Publishers should still have access to their Facebook accounts and pages. Here you can continue publishing links to your news or articles in the future.

Facebook Newa: News must give way to short videos

Facebook wants to “focus its time and resources on the things we know users want to see more of on the platform.” However, these are not news or political content, but rather short videos.

They come to connect with others and discover new opportunities, passions and interests.

News would represent less than three percent of users’ feeds worldwide. Therefore, message discovery is only “a small part of the Facebook experience.”

No impact on fact-checking

Facebook emphasizes in its announcement that the end of Facebook News should not influence fact-checking. Facebook wants to continue “providing its users with reliable information.”

To do this, the group will continue to work with its independent network, which includes more than 90 independent fact-checking organizations around the world.

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