McDonald’s is offering Pokémon-themed Happy Meals in the United States starting August 16, 2022

After the United Kingdom, Canada, and Taiwan, McDonald’s now offers Pokémon Happy Meals in the United States. You can now, taking into account the time difference with respect to the writing of this post and of course if you are currently there, go to McDonald’s restaurants in the United States and take a Pokémon Happy Meal.

These meals will include new “Express Battle” sets designed to help players learn how to play the Pokémon Trading Card Game, along with a pack of 4 Pokémon Trading Card Game cards, Spinner, and a token-like coin with Pokemon theme.

We should have, as in other countries, a rotation of packages.

These Pokémon cards will feature the familiar faces of Pikachu, Queulorior, Chelours, Brindibou (Rowlet), Victini, Draïeul (Drampa), and Bombidou (Cutiefly), a good portion of Generation 7 Pokémon, with a good third coming from the opus Pokémon Sun. and Moon. We don’t have any official promotional images for the Battle Express maps that will be released in the US, but they should look identical to the ones that were released in the UK and Canada.

Image credit PokéBeach, and drakes

Known letters, there is no specific news of this operation unfortunately for the biggest collectors among you.

We can now see the video uploaded by youtuber Leonhart, which lists all the MacDonald’s packs:

Opening ALL NEW McDonald’s POKEMON CARD PACKS! (2022)08/16/2022

If you prefer French with a Quebec accent, check out this Pokéjap video:

First official day of the new McDonald’s Combat Express cards!!! pokemon battle08/16/2022

Regarding Switzerland, a similar operation takes place from August 4, 2022 to September 14, 2022:

For France, nothing at the moment, last February we had a good collection “Amazing Animal Tales”, books written by Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt.

Although McDonald’s publishes its efforts at the environmental level in France, it is still fast food: caution at the nutritional level about the good health of your children, you should not abuse it and this type of card-charging operation grows precisely to eat McDonald’s. food very quickly. We are not going to criticize this commercial campaign, especially since McDonald’s has made an effort on the menus, but logically we can ask ourselves the question of the consistency of The Pokémon Company, which on the one hand will pay 25 million dollars in five years. to associations that help children in particular, and at the same time created a commercial stir by promoting regular purchases of fast food while there are many problems of obesity and overweight among our youngest. An observation that obviously only interests me, but that deserves a little discussion.

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