Marvel’s Avengers: Extremely Popular Xbox Game Found Alongside GTA 5 and Fortnite

Game News Marvel’s Avengers: Extremely Popular Xbox Game Found Alongside GTA 5 and Fortnite

This is a surprise that must be very beneficial to Square-Enix. Its title Marvel’s Avengers is becoming a place of choice among the most played games thanks to Xbox Game Pass …

Released in September 2021, It cannot be said that Marvel’s Avengers had the expected success despite Crystal Dynamics’ best efforts to fix the situation with many free expansions. The latest, War for Wakanda, even adds Black Panther in a grand scripted adventure, while Spider-Man should weave his web soon (on PlayStation consoles, though).

On the Microsoft side, the firm launched the checkbook to collect Marvel’s Avengers and integrate it into its famous Xbox Game Pass, which has been in force since last week. As one internet user on Twitter noted, the Canadian studio’s action game … is a hit. Truly.

Marvel’s Avengers with COD Warzone and GTA 5

In the United States, the flagship country of the Xbox brand, Marvel’s Avengers just made it to the 10 most popular games on Xbox Game Pass, right behind Destiny 2, Rainbow Six Siege or FIFA 21. A noticeable increase, even scarier when you go to the page of titles played of the entire Xbox (Series like One): the Avengers are this time… in the Top 15.

In other words, Marvel’s Avengers is now one of the most popular applications of the machine on the other side of the Atlantic. and it is simply found alongside Call of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite, GTA 5, Apex Legends, Red Dead Redemption II, or even Minecraft. On the UK side, the gameplay is similar.

What to do to get the title back on track?

Obviously, this will not change the inherent flaws of the adventure, concerning the very structure of the Square-Enix game and its repeatability. Nevertheless, Clearly, its “free” allows many gamers to reconsider a product that they had tackled harshly a year ago. For the publisher, this is a great opportunity to focus on the microtransactions, obviously present in the game, which then take on a whole new dimension and will ensure the income of the users over time, without having to pay the jackpot title. full.

It only remains to see what the study is preparing for us. If Spider, exclusive to PS4 and PS5, should give a huge boost to the PlayStation community, all eyes are on the upcoming free extensions. According to leaks dating back a long time, the firm would have planned to integrate some important figures such as Dr. Strange, the Scarlet Witch or Vision …

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