Macron: ‘friend or foe’ of the United Kingdom? The potential future prime minister does not decide

Liz Truss, the favorite to become the UK’s next prime minister, did not respond to a reporter’s question about whether Emmanuel Macron was a “friend or foe” of the UK. “The jury is still out,” she said.

Emmanuel Macron, friend or enemy »? The favorite in the race for the post of prime minister of the United Kingdom, Liz Truss, declined to comment on Thursday, saying she would try the French president ” about their actions “.

Mrs. Truss, who spoke in the evening at an electoral meeting of the Conservative Party in Norwich (southeast), however specified that she preferred French nuclear technology to Chinese. The one that she is still head of diplomacy in her country, in a government that she currently manages, aspires to succeed Boris Johnson at 10 Downing Streethe resigned in July.

To do so, he must gather a majority of the votes of some 200,000 conservative activists. The election is underway and its result will be known on September 5. she opposes former finance minister Rishi Sunakalso present on Thursday night in Norwich, although the two candidates did not debate directly.

Mr. Sunak, who according to the latest polls is 30 points behind his rival, did not hesitate when the journalist who was leading the evening asked him ” Macron, friend or foe? », opting for the first option.

“The jury is still out”

In contrast, when Mrs. Truss was asked the same question, she replied ” The jury is still out “, making the room laugh. ” If I become Prime Minister, I will judge him by his actions and not by his words. “, he added, without elaborating further on the reasons for this distrust shown.

Of numerous court records exist between France and the United Kingdom, in particular the management of post-Brexit files, either fishing or Northern Ireland. The two countries, allies within NATO, have also had different approaches to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with Boris Johnson taking a very hard line against Vladimir Putin while the French president has defended the need to maintain an open dialogue with the Kremlin. .

The relationship between Paris and London was invited back into the conversation minutes later, about energy independence from the UK. where prices skyrocket under the effect of the dizzying rise in gas prices.

The country must build new nuclear power plants, argued Mrs. Truss, lamenting the fact that she had lost her expertise in the matter. To do this, ” if the choice is to depend on France or China, I will choose France “He launched, there they also applauded.

United Kingdom, “friend of France”

Emmanuel Macron reacted from Algiers: “ The United Kingdom is a friendly, strong and allied nation, regardless of its leaders. “.” The British people, the nation that is the United Kingdom, are a friendly, strong and allied nation, whoever their leaders may be, and sometimes despite and beyond their leaders or whatever small mistakes they may make in speaking of ‘platform declared the French head of state.

If we are not able, between the French and the British, to say whether we are friends or enemies – the term is not neutral – we are headed for serious problems “, Estimated Emmanuel Macron, during a press conference, after a visit to the Saint-Eugene cemetery.

It is never good to lose too much direction in life. If I were asked the question… whoever is considered to be the future leader in Britain, I don’t ask myself for a second. The UK is a friend of France. “, he insisted.

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