London will make Brexit deal too restrictive for Northern Ireland

MANCHESTER, England, Oct. 3 (Reuters) – Britain on Monday will threaten to waive certain terms of the deal framing trade with Northern Ireland since Brexit – provisions it says have become too damaging.

David Frost, the minister in charge of Brexit, will use his speech to deliver at the annual congress of the British Conservative Party in Manchester, in the north of England, to ask the European Union to negotiate an amicable solution to the problems. the deal, according to a party statement.

“He will warn that ‘tweaks’ will not solve the basic problems of the protocol,” the statement added.

The Boris Johnson government has been asking the European Union for several months to renegotiate the terms of the “Northern Ireland Protocol”, which governs trade relations between Great Britain and the British province of Northern Ireland, which borders the Republic of Ireland. Ireland, itself a member of the EU.

The EU has refused to negotiate further.

The protocol, which is part of the agreement governing the UK’s exit from the European Union, created a de facto customs border between Great Britain and Northern Ireland to preserve the free movement of goods between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

The Boris Johnson government has threatened to invoke Article 16 of the agreement, which allows each party to unilaterally waive certain terms if they prove detrimental.

According to excerpts from his speech, David Frost will declare on Monday that the threshold justifying the invocation of this article has been reached.

(Report Kylie MacLellan and Elizabeth Piper, French version Marc Angrand)

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