Liverpool is in the stomach with crown rules and does not want to give up Mohamed Salah and Brazilians | Football

Egypt is currently colored red on the British government’s crown map. As a result, people who have been in that country must be quarantined for ten days. Because there is still no agreement on a waiver agreement between the Premier League and the government, those rules also apply to footballers, such as Salah.

Liverpool would have fewer problems with the international match that follows, he writes The Guardian. Egypt will play Gabon three days later and that country is currently colored orange on the crown map. But then Salah is not allowed to travel to Egypt first. Because even if you were to fly from Gabon to the UK, the quarantine rules apply upon your arrival in Liverpool if you were so recently in a red-colored country.

Letter to the union

Liverpool have now also made their wish known, reports the Egyptian Football Association EFA. “The Egyptian Football Association has received a letter from Liverpool FC apologizing for the absence of the player, Mohamed Salah, from the national team during the next international match.”

“The letter from the English club referred to the precautions being taken in England to deal with the coronavirus outbreak, which will put travelers from some countries in quarantine for a period of 10 days after their arrival in England,” he said the EFA.

Brazilian team

There are also problems surrounding the release of Brazilian internationals Alisson Becker, Roberto Firmino and Fabinho. The same color code currently applies to Brazil as it is to Egypt. Therefore, they would also have to be isolated for ten days upon their return. This also applies to Brazilians Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur and Leeds United, if they are called up.

Furthermore, Liverpool, in any case, is not satisfied with FIFA’s agreement that CONMEBOL schedule three international matches during the next international break. As a result, Brazil will only play Peru on the night from Thursday to Friday. That’s more than sixty hours before Liverpool can play in the Premier League again against Leeds United, while the players also have to fly to Europe.

In addition to the confrontation with Leeds, the quartet would also have to skip the first match of the Champions League and the competition match with Crystal Palace due to quarantine rules.

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